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LS II Tonneau Cover Series


This is one of the most popular covers that A.R.E has produced. LS2, is recognized for matching the hood lines and also for a quality build and fit.  The LSII Tonneau covers comes standard with carpeted headliner, rod locking system, list assist opening system as well as a painted palm handle. The LSII is the most popular and undisputed cover from A.R.E currently in the market. If you are willing to more about this cover donít hesitate to give us a call or send a message via our contact form. We will be happy to assist you with appropriate information that will help you make an informed decision.

With the ARE LSII tonneau cover, your truck will have a reliable protection against rain or other external elements that may come with your outdoor travel.  This truck cover is one of the best sellers from ARE and with this many satisfied customers are proud to say that they have use the product for their travel with the truck. Truck covers allows a truck to cover the tailgate. Most of its use is to protect things and baggage place in the back of the truck. It is the same as having a truck in your tailgate.

Being one of the best sellers from ARE, LSII tonneau cover uses only the best material to ensure that it is both sturdy yet stylish enough to match the truck of our customers. The best product only comes when it is made with the best material and that is what the ARE tonneau cover offers to its customers.


The LSII Series Tonneau covers boast features that include lift assistance, lifetime warranty on paint and repairs, and choose your own color. When buying this truck cover make sure that you know the features you need for this type of truck cover. In addition to these features, it also has an easy to install with Do-it-yourself guide that comes along with any purchase. If you feel that you do not have the right skills to get this installed right, you can always ask for our technicians to get the job done right and fast.

The palm handle of the ARE LSII Tonneau covers allows for easy lifting of the cover and complete control when you need to have that when using the product in different situations. Additional accessories for this truck cover can be accessed through inquiry with our very courteous employees. You can also ask for a price quote on the LSII Series Tonneau cover that you want to buy and get installed.

Why Choose the ARE LSII Tonneau Cover?

When you choose this product for your truckís tailgate, you will combine style with reliability. The truck cover will protect anything inside that tailgate for any travel that you have plan with the family. Using your truck for everyday use just got better with the use of the LSII tonneau cover. It brings a lot to the truck than just providing it with just protection. These are some of the reasons why this is one of the best sellers from ARE.

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