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If you are looking for a truck camper that is ruggedly beautiful, inside and out, then Eagle Cap Truck Campers can give you that. Each truck campers are a hybrid in terms of construction. They only utilize the best materials in manufacturing truck campers. The construction of their welded aluminum cage frame is sure to provide you 100% strength and structural integrity. As a matter of fact, they have fiberglass cap coverage which is more compare to standard wheel trailers. This durable, high quality gloss fiberglass cap can make the camper to last for years. We here at Scatt Recreation are focused on efficiently maintaining the tradition of Eagle Cap Truck Campers as the leader in quality truck campers.

Special Features

Known for their high-end features, Eagle Cap Truck Campers have one-piece, fiberglass front caps. They have redesigned their front caps and offers more contoured aerodynamic design. The new designs have a bolder look engineered perfectly to camperís contour which is a perfect match to its aluminum frame construction. 

Most models of this truck camper has LED lights with longer battery. Its Phat Ladder is also sturdy, durable, strong and considered one of the best in the industry. You can also enjoy its new feature while you are outdoors. The Eagle Cap Truck Campers have this all new electric rear awning. You can easily close or open your awning with just one touch of its control button. This optional feature made it easier to handle windy and rainy conditions without damaging the awning.


Another optional feature of the Eagle Cap Truck Campers is its roof rack system also known as the Maggie Rack with cross bars. It can accommodate your kidsí toys, canoes and kayaks or add an additional major rack to store other accessories such as skiís. Moreover, the Eagle Cap offers a huge basement storage ideal for storing tools and equipment for various activities. Lastly, it has a water filtering system to ensure that you will only drink clean, filtered water.

Interior Designs and Furnishings

Designed with contemporary furnishings and decor, the Eagle Cap Truck Campers were built to last. It only has durable and high-quality fabrics, attractive and functional furnishings and decors that are easy to clean. Moreover, Eagle caps can have innovative furniture and decor features such as hardwood cabinet doors, dinette slide-outs, travel locks and metal guides, mini window blinds, curtained rear and front bulkhead windows and vinyl floor coverings.

Innovative Features

The product line Eagle Cap Truck Campers show their cutting edge engineering designs. Their best selling models such as the 850 is comprised of an adjustable pantry storage while the model 995 has its exclusive dry bath. To further serve their clients, Eagle Cap has added more features such as Bluetooth stereo, built-in molded sinks, new modular dinette furniture, slam latches, exterior power cords, and USB charging ports to name a few. These innovations made Eagle Cap one of the premier truck camper manufacturers in the world. They are able to provide you the comfort of your home while enjoying outdoor activities.

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