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DCU Truck Cap Series


SCATT Recreation brings to you A.R.E DCU series truck cap. This is a rugged, fully welded frame construction truck cap that known to provide years of durable service, no matter the kind of weather or job. This truck cap has ever received a positive rating 10 out of 10 rating by Handyman Magazine. There is a reason why this truck cap received the positive rating. You can also get the DCU series truck cap.

When it comes to truck cap, durability is the name of the game. DCU Series truck cap is just that and more. Every truck owner can expect to get the best possible product for their truck’s tailgate with this truck cap from ARE, the leading supplier of truck campers and covers in America. The ARE DCU series truck caps received a very good rating from Handyman Magazine, which is one of the most read magazines for quick fixes and information about blue-collar jobs.  With this rating, any truck owner would trust this brand for their truck cover.

Trusting the ARE truck cap to get your tailgate protected will be the best thing to have especially when planning for a long road trip. It will be able to keep all your stuff protected during the travel.


One of the outstanding features for this truck cap is its multiple compartments. They are located in both sides of the DCU truck cap series. The number varies with each variety of the truck cap. This allows for easy access of important things that you do not need to be inside the main compartment. This compartment also allowed for some emergency personnel to use to their immediate tools present in the side areas. This is one of the best reasons to use this truck cap as it provides versatility beyond everyday use.

When it comes to durability, this truck cap is made from the best possible materials that promote both sturdiness and yet light enough not be a hassle for your truck. It maintains its quality over years of uses at it has one of the best durability ratings in ARE’s entire truck cap. You will not have anything to ask for when you want something that provides durability and functionality all in one convenient truck cap package.

Why Choose the ARE DCU series truck cap?

If you want to have reliability and versatility for your truck cap then the DCU series truck cap is the product you need. It makes your truck a reliable all-purpose vehicle that can handle multiple tasks. Most truck owners that use this truck camper are those working as handy man or want to have multiple spaces for their truck. It gives any truck owner the capacity to organize their things within the truck and also have easy access when needed. It is the all-purpose truck cap from ARE.

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