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First-class construction and world class design is what made Adventurer Truck Campers stood out among other truck campers. It has premium, built-in features all throughout including the upholstery, extra storage, compartments and furnishings.From the efficient galleys to awesome fabric options to appealing exteriors that were built to last. The company is focused on giving their clientsí construction at its finest without breaking the bank. Truly, Adventurer Truck Campers has everything a camper needs.

Great Interiors

Adventurer Truck Campers only use durable and high quality fabrics that offer functionality and style. Whilst it has the contemporary appeal, the fabrics used were chosen by professional designers to beautifully coordinate it with the truckís bath surfaces, wall coverings, flooring, gallet and cabinet drawers and doors. Moreover, its rich leather accents contribute to the truckís luxurious feel.

Spacious Bathrooms

Designed for easy maintenance and care, bathrooms are spacious for ease of use and convenience. Some Adventurer Truck models such as the 116DS Camper comes with a full roof skylight, which is standard for most models that adds space dimension. Most models have the standard one-piece, full height seamless fiberglass shower stalls. If you wish to have a separate tub, the Adventurer 910DB model is the right truck camper for you.

Comfortable Bedroom

Most Adventurer Truck Camperís models obtain the standard bedspread and pillow option. Another standard feature is an oversized, wardrobe closet that is double-mirrored that has the capacity to accommodate your a personís wardrobe needs regardless of the length of stay. There is also additional storage to safe keep other valuable items. You can also acquire the LCD Flat Screen TV which is also optional, that comes in Triple Pivot Arm for comfortable viewing. Furthermore, pleated, pull down shades were also a standard among all models to provide privacy.


Most bedrooms have a queen-sized bed. Most Adventurer Truck Campers you can find have a Microfiber Pillow top mattress. You can also allow to have additional sleeping accommodations with the optional in-slide bunk. This fold-down feature can be easily stored when not in use perfect for quick naps or full sleeps.

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